Take-Apart Party


3D Printer Taken Down to Essence

We had a party to take apart old tech in the name learning.

Taking things apart is a great way to examine the objects in our daily lives.  This fun activity also grows your maker insight as you learn about components, assembly, and materials.

To keep up with great events like this, join the HackRVA Meetup Group.

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CNC Router Crowdfund Successful


Our CNC Router Crowdfund and build-out has been a great success!

Since installing we’ve used it to create many cool projects and trained HackRVA members CAD/CAM techniques to use the CNC. We’ve also created a wiki guide for its use.

Here’s a link for more pics of the tool itself. And here’s a link to videos of the CNC in action.

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Indie Lab RVA in Action

Indie Lab RVA is bringing independent scientific discovery and experimentation to Richmond. They have recently held two events to inspire and inform. The water bottle rocket launch hangout pictured above, and a class on electroplating.

They also have an upcoming event DNA Extraction, just click that link to sign up.

Indie Lab RVA currently resides at HackRVA while they hunt down a space dedicated primarily  to science. In the mean time, HackRVA has been happy to have them as members as open science, opensource, open hardware, and making are all of a kindred spirit.

To learn more about Indie Lab, visit their website here, and join their facebook here.

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Monthly Maker Workshop – CAD Dojo

CAD Dojo1

HackRVA trained beginners of AutoCAD in the CAD Dojo.  The CAD Dojo uses repetition and scaffolding in a video-game inspired level system to drill students on common commands for drawing in AutoCAD.

This method forgoes the stickier parts of the UI and broad explanation of the AutoCAD environment, instead focusing on students drawing straightaway. After surviving the grueling trials of the Dojo, they can leverage the power of the internet or youtube tutorials to learn the UI and particular aspects of AutoCAD as needed.

The file linked here is the Dojo training regimen self-contained in a single DXF file. Brave students can download and start the “Trial of Boxes”, then move on to the “10 Student Tribulations”, picking up valuable CAD skills along the way in this “game-a-fied” take on CAD training.

Our goal is to give makers more power to design and eventually create their own things by taking CAD drawings and translating them into G-Code for tools like the HackRVA 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, and CNC Router.

To stay tuned for more workshops in our monthly maker series, join our Meetup page where we announce HackRVA events.

CAD Dojo 2

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