HackRVA Maker Pro – submodular systems


Rob of submodluar systems  sez:

“Over 2 years ago we started an odyssey that has now culminated in our first production release of submodular systems’s shadow 6u eurorack travel case. Much of the original development and conceptualization would not have been possible without the great space and friends at HackRVA. Much thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. We are off to NAMM in LA and will send feedback.”


We’re often asked if HackRVA can be a resource for entrepreneurs. Well, simple answer, yup.

I would also like to mention that Rob has contributed to building our fablab, taught classes, and provided much maker wisdom at HackRVA. So, as with many of our best experiences in the makersphere, it’s a symbiotic win/win relationship.

Way to go Rob and good luck at NAMM!

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Maker Workshop – Compositing With Adobe Photoshop


We recently held an introduction to Photoshop workshop where we learned to “composite” two animals together. Hence, the kanga-tiger above.

Along with GIFs, cats, and selfies, Photoshopped shenanigans are the foundation of our beloved inter-webs. This workshop taught how to contribute to that ongoing and important foundation effort.

In addition, practical skillz were learned. Blending, color matching, user interface jujitsu. Photoshop is where many many digital design projects begin – so its an import one to have some familiarity with.

Great thanks to Grey for once again teaching a stupendous workshop at HackRVA. That’s three in the last several months – teacher of the year?

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Free Code Camp Hangout

A group of coders and aspiring coders mashed buttons while staring into screens in attempts to learn some code. We were trying freeCodeCamp, which is a learning tool in the vein of Code Academy, but seems more extensive. These code learning websites are unique in that everything is done in the browser. This gets rid of the sometimes difficult task of learning the user interface in a development environment, much less the installation. So instead, you go straight to coding itself. Each lesson builds on the last and it starts from the very beginning of things. freeCodeCamp is also unique as it proposed to take people all the way to a somewhat professional level of understanding by going “full stack”. Like many of the meatspace code boot-camps that have started to pop-up, like Hack Reactor, freeCodeCamp focuses on webby programming with html5, javascript, jquery, and json in the learning pipe. It’s possibly more get a job than get a computer science degree, or their just addressing changing times where the web rules. Anyway, it’s a worthwhile experience to try it out.

To stay in touch with events, workshops, and happenings at HackRVA, join our meetup.com page for updates.

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Microcontroller Monday!


Microcontroller Monday has been one of our biggest hits lately. It’s a monthly event that focuses on the use of those magic little boards that power so many projects.  Lot of people, lot of fun, lot of electronics.

Event host, Thomas sez:

“Microcontrollers are a great way to get started in electronics.  There are so many things that you can do with them.  To begin with, you can control servos, drive stepper motors, turn things on and off, and later work your way up to attaching a screen and playing games on them.  If you have something that you have been working on and would like to bring it to show off to others, or are new to microcontrollers and want to know how to get started, then this event is for you.”

Check out the HackRVA Meetup page to find out about the next event.

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