Scarf Mountain – Knitting at HackRVA


There’s one heck of a knitting contingent at HackRVA. They’ve knitted piles of scarves, bird’s nests, and at least one pair of socks. They meet everywhere from the park, to coffee houses, to HackRVA itself. If you’re interested in the fiber arts or clicking some needles together, check the HackRVA meetup page for the next event.

Oh, and they’ve been known to cross stitch too.


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Laser Cutter Training


We have a laser. Now we have training. Allen took attendees through training of our open source build laser cutter. (it’s almost impossible to not reference dr evil. i’m sorry)

Find out more about our laser here.

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Monthly Workshop – Wearables


Make those textiles blink, yo! HackRVA held another sweet wearables workshop, this time hosted by Melanie. She sez:

Everything looks better with a LED (or two). In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a basic circuit using a battery, conductive thread, and LEDs.

More pics here. Watch our meetup for more cool events like this.

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Go Against the Grain – Woodworking Workshop

bandsaw box

Cut, saw, sand, route.

Woodworking happened at HackRVA, taught by shop-master Shellie.

Join our space for great tools and learn to make awesome things… like boxes!

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