Makers in the Community


Makers in the Community is at it again. We’ve already made seed bombs and fleece blankets this year!

To find out the latest, check out our meetup page.

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HackRVA Book Club

shopClassAsSoulcraft accidentalCreative

HackRVA now has a book club. We meet at the VMFA and read maker and creative related books. Our first book was “The Accidental Creative.” There was a lot of guidance and discussion on how to be more productive as well as, you guessed it, creative. Now we’re reading “Shop Class as Soulcraft”. This one is all about the value of doing stuff with your hands. Its also examination of cultural perspective on physical work vs knowledge work.

To join in on our book club got to our meetup page here.

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Hack City – Minecraft at HackRVA

2015-05-08_15.58.44 2015-05-08_15.59.25 2015-05-08_15.59.36

Welcome to HACK CITY!  The place where all your block stacking dreams come true!

We have a dedicated server for Minecraft at HackRVA. After a long day of making we often wind down by creating cool stuff by the crafting of mines.

Contact our mailing list for details on how to join us in the mayhem.



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Monthly Maker Workshop – Sewing


February was all about sewing thanks to this RVA Women of Hack sponsored workshop.

Whether you wanted to create something from textiles for the first time or were highly fascinated by the mechanical wonder that is a sewing machine and how to fix it, all were overjoyed. People brought in their machines and got to stitching. Many owned a machine but didn’t know much about it. Others were well versed and helped the newbies. We even had a heavy duty machine donated.

This was a high energy event! Lots of people, machines, music, and fun!

Also, at least two original concepts were attempted – a shop-skirt and a vulcan-glove.  For more events like this, join the HackRVA Meetup.

Check out more pics here.

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