Photogrammetry Photoscan Workshop

23303643714_8cf7d4bca8_oDo you know your “point clouds” from your “alpha channel”? Well we do now thanks to Grey‘s Introduction to Photogrammetty Photoscan workshop! We tried doing a Silver Surfer figure outside, but the light was too much. So, we took a pile of pictures of Charli’s head instead. Those pics get loaded up into Agisoft and processed. To go even further we used Z-brush to do more cleanup. Here’s a link to the tutorial info.

Here are some links to Grey’s work, and below a little video to get the full effect of the scan.

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Small-Run Electronics Manufacturing Bootcamp


We spent the day soldering, desoldering, programming, and testing SNES reproduction carts. It was a good opportunity get the small-run of electronics making experience – especially for those thinking about taking an electronics product to market. People also leveled-up their soldering skillz in general. And here are some notes on PCB making from HackRVA wiki.

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Thankskilling 2 – The Turkey has Landed!


We did it again – gathered around for tidings of makery bliss during our home-brew holiday blend of Halloween and Thanksgiving. We talked about how the year has gone, played a litany of humorous games, consumed mounds of food, wore our hats-o’-snark, and BUILT A CATAPULT! We may or may not have played corn hole with the catapult and launched a bird.

All da pics.

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RVA Makerfest 2015

HackRVA partnered with Small Hall Makerspace from William & Mary to teach soldering and make bristlebots with kids at Makerfest 2015.

We had about 10 tables in the outdoor area behind the Science Musuem of Virginia. Eric was there building support for a new Richmond area STEM initiative. Andy taught people about drones. Dustin and Paul fielded general questions about the HackRVA Makerspace. And 30 or so additional volunteers taught kids – we were jam packed all day long. Some volunteers were lucky to make it out intact due to mobbing. Someone said, “A mob creates more mob.” Obviously kids were hungry to learn maker skillz as they besieged our tables.

All in all, 300-400 kids were introduced to the ways of soldering, and 300 bristlebots were constructed.

It was an excellent event.

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