Personal Branding


HackRVA hosted an event for Personal Branding. Whether your selling maker oriented products, design services, or trying to start that next killer startup; branding is part of the equation. We don’t do a lot of business oriented events, but when we do, we make it sweet. Much was learned. Watch out for more entrepreneurial events on our meetup.

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Oscilloscope Training


Oscilloscopes are one of the fundamental tools on an elecontroncis workbench. At HackRVA we introduced the use of the tool and re-familiarized those that were rusty. We have two “O-scopes” at the space with all the fixings. Another one of these workshops is coming soon, so keep tabs on our meetup page for the next event.

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Featured Project – Bicycle Y’all Mobile Story Bike

Bicycle Yall 2

Bicycle Y’all was built built by HackRVA member Jay-Michael. JM also works with the podcast Secretly Yall, a Richmond produced story telling podcast. JM being the crazy maker/hacker he decided to build a bike with a story telling booth on back; complete with microphone, recording device, and mobile anonymity. Check out more details about the project here, and see more pics here.

Bicycle Yall 1

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Raspberry Pi Workshop


Raspberry Pi is a pocket sized computer for around $30. We learned to load an operating system and write code for using the GPIO.

Here’s a link to the wiki entry for the class, including the slideshow used in the class.


r-piCade – a small arcade custom built at HackRVA using raspberry pi



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