Monthly Maker Workshop – Sewing


February was all about sewing thanks to this RVA Women of Hack sponsored workshop.

Whether you wanted to create something from textiles for the first time or were highly fascinated by the mechanical wonder that is a sewing machine and how to fix it, all were overjoyed. People brought in their machines and got to stitching. Many owned a machine but didn’t know much about it. Others were well versed and helped the newbies. We even had a heavy duty machine donated.

This was a high energy event! Lots of people, machines, music, and fun!

Also, at least two original concepts were attempted – a shop-skirt and a vulcan-glove.  For more events like this, join the HackRVA Meetup.

Check out more pics here.

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Tricopter Build Group


The HackRVA tricopter build group was a great learning experience. The build took place over three weekends and is still going on as members tweak their copters. Much soldering, wiring, testing, and crashing occurred!

We’ve seen multiple tri-copters flying around the space thanks to Andy’s original kit and group leadership. He designed this build with cost in mind as well as ease of making. This has been an incredible experience for those looking to break into flight. Keep an eye out for future multi-copter and robot builds on our meetup and mailing list.

Thanks Andy!

Documentation here. More pics here.

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Lasers, Lasers, Lasers


Laser cut acrylic logo edge-lit by LEDs.

Our laser is cutting like a champ! Go here to learn more about the long road to laserdom as HackRVA members put in over a year of work to bring this DIY project to life.

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HackRVA 2014 Review – 2015 Here We Go!


2014 was a great year at HackRVA. Here’s a list of some things that happened!

– Documented almost 70 creations on our project blog
Crowdfunded, installed, and trained for CNC Router
– Completed laser build (ok, last little bit)
– Educated young Makers through Maker Guild, Maker Camp, and Lego Leauge
– End-to-end designed, produced, and delivered 350 boards for RVAsec
– Taught several hundred people to solder at RVA Maker Fest
– Upgraded our fab lab with additional tools, organization, and mobility
– Assisted Indie Lab RVA in establishing an open science initiative
– Played epic games of Cards Against Humanity
– Crashed a lot of Artemis ships with custom lighting.
– Contributed handmade goods to Makers in the Community program
– Started monthly workshops for teaching people new things:
(Solder, Electronics, Wearables, CAD, Blender, Arduino, 3D Printing)
– So many other things that they can’t all be listed (photos)!

– Established HackRVA as a non-profit
– Improved giving tours to potential new members
– Created a new website
– Revamped the wiki. (a thousand or so wiki edits )
– Created more organization around volunteering
– Improved our membership payment experience
– Reached our first phase budget goals ahead of schedule
– Reached and exceeded member target goal of 80 members
– Created donation infrastructure and opportunities
– Established clearer membership guidelines
– Improved/Simplified network infrastructure
– Installed a fabulous door
– Created a Digital Design Station

Some Goals for 2015:
– More projects!
– Enter an Instructables contest as a group
– Create a nicely documented open build project
– Get a project on Hack-a-Day (done)
– Continue with Equipment Upgrades
– Continue with Monthly Workshops
– Build Group Projects
– More of what happened in 2014!

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