Featured Project – Hacker Lights

Presenting Hacker Lights!

An LED lighting system for drones and other fun applications.

The problem Andy solved when creating Hacker Lights is there wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution for creating dazzling displays on drones in the multitude of physical configurations in which said drones exist.

In other words, Hacker Lights lets us make our drones look awesome in the air. Andy developed hardware and software solutions for just that. Check out his website, the great videos above and below (including a tutorial at the bottom) to learn more.

If you’d like to see Hacker Lights in full glory, he and other HackRVA’ers are building an exhibition for the InLight festival which you can see at the space during that event (go here for more InLight details).

Andy has been an active member at HackRVA for several years helping others with projects and contributing to the makerspace in general to make the place awesome. Last year he developed and produced an entire drone Tricopter kit for HackRVA as well as doing a workshop series where we built them. Go here for details on the Tricopter build (and if you want to get one of the kits, just let us know).

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Maker Camp 2016


RVA Maker Guild put on a great event this year for STEAM education. In collaboration with Maker Media, HackRVA, and RVA Creatspace, they hosted two maker oriented workshops per week for six weeks. Way to go Maker Guild!

Electronics, paper craft, computing, kit building, fiber works, soft circuits, print making, and much more were introduced to multiple groups of excited youngsters. All put on by volunteers and free to the greater Richmond community!

To see more pics go here. And to see even more pic and learn about RVA Maker Guild go to the links below:



RVA Maker Guild

Henrico, VA
335 Makers

RVA Maker Guild is established as part of Maker Guilds International, a non-profit organization that seeks to develop STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) p…

Check out this Meetup Group →


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Open Sew Event


We recently had a great event based around sewing. People brought their machines, traded tips, and helped each other with sewing projects.

For more pics go here!

For more events like these, join our meetup page!

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RVAsec BADGES 2016 – Our Yearly Offering to the Electronics Deities

RVAsec Badges 2016

Each year a group of brave souls set forth to create an original hardware/software concoction known as B-A-D-G-E-S. This creation, whose first iteration was conceived in the ancient age of 2011, is a pandoras box of curiosities meant to sate the intellegence of RVAsec participants.

The badge features a color screen, multiple inputs and sensors, and boards-from-scratch made in the dark acid-fumed sheet-ensconced labs of hack.rva, Not to mention all the programming that went into the software/firmware.

For more on the badges, see the interview with the project leaders here: http://rvasec.com/badges-hack-rva-at-it-again/

Soldering party Badges yo

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