RVA Makerfest – Teaching Richmond to Solder


We’re teaching Richmond to solder at the upcoming RVA Makerfest!

Pictured above is the custom “blinky badge” designed by HackRVA. We’ll be using it to teach makers of all ages the wonderful art of soldering. And they’ll get a sweet blinking “flair” for their effort.

The RVA Makerfest is at the Richmond Science Museum on Saturday September 27th, and is free to attend. See you at the event!


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Maker Workshop Series – Arduino Bots

An awesome Arduino Workshop happened for July’s HackRVA Workshop Series!

They night started calm enough, learning some basic Arduino skillz.. but then later, as the learning escalated, they ended up battling it out in a demolition event using the Arduino autonomous RC robot cars they made themselves in the workshop.

Click to watch the video.
Here are some more vids and pics of the event.

Kramer and Beth took our DIY educations efforts to the next level on this one, here’s their lesson plan for those interested.

And thanks to all who attended the workshop. We hope you had a great time making!

For the latest updates on events like our Maker Workshop Series, join the HackRVA Meetup.

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Maker Camp!


Maker Camp is underway at HackRVA!

We’ve already made Makey Robots, Heron’s Fountains, jaunty caps, LED throwies, animals with eyes that light up, making our own games, lots of hot glue, paper craft, sculpting, and lots of smiles.

Three events completed and there are still four to go!

Visit the RVA Maker Guild’s Meetup to participate in RVA Maker Camp events. And learn more about Maker Camp at the RVA Maker Guild website.



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RVA Maker Guild – Sew for SOS Workshop


RVA Maker Guild recently hosted this sweet maker event! People hung out at HAckRVA to sew inspirational pillows and were inspired by the two youth leaders that created this concept.

Learn more:



And, more pics at the HackRVA session here.

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