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C++ GUI Programming with Qt4 || 5!

What is Qt?

Qt is a GUI frameworks for C++ that is available and compiles on any operating system. Qt Creator is an integrated development environment for the Qt frameworks and we will be learning how to use it to develop Qt applications.

Commonly asked questions:

What is a framework? A framework is a set of libraries with classes and functions designed to work together to accomplish a task in an easy and uniform fashion. There are graphics frameworks, GUI frame works, game engine's(Which are game frameworks), and several other types of frameworks for various things. A framework is generally built on an already existing programming language and is not a language itself.

What is an integrated development environment? An integrated development environment is a program for developing applications and all their associated files and interfaces in an easy to use interface.

What will we be using this framework for? Building point and click applications that everyone can enjoy!

What programming language is the Qt frameworks built on? C++

Do other programming language libraries exist for Qt? Yes but we will only be working with C++ in this class. At a time later in the future we may use the python libraries.

When do y'all get together?

Currently we are meeting at 7:00 PM on Sunday's if the group decides that there is a better time for everybody that may change.

Important information/information for upcoming week

-Attendees are required to have a computer with an operating system(any will do) installed and at least 1G of ram and 15G of free hard drive space.

-The first night we will be downloading Qt and getting familiar with the interface.

-A good book for teaching yourself Qt is C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (it can be found on amazon and is not necessary for the class)

-There are tutorials included in the install.

-To learn from either of these resources you must already know C++ in contrast we will be learning this with Qt in the class.

-You can download Qt Creator and Qt 4/5 from the Qt-Project website or search for Qt in your package manager in Linux.

-We will also be using GIT for version control

-make/cmake & GCC are dependencies for Qt








C++ GUI Programming with Qt4 - http://www.amazon.com/Programming-Edition-Prentice-Software-Development/dp/0132354160