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Login Request

First things first, you will need to request a login by emailing Dustin at infoAThackrva.org.

Then go to hackrva.org/projects and login. Once there start doing tasks

How to use KanBoard

1 - Pick a Project Board, Pick a Task

You can pick a task from any of the project boards to do, but the "Hacker Points" board is the best suited for newbies or drive-by volunteering. Most of what you'll find on their are small physical task involving sorting, cleaning, organizing and the like. There's a "guideline task" at the top of the "backlog" column their to provide some insight. We try to keep those task fairly small, clear, manageable.

2 - Familiarize with Function

Once you familiarize yourself with the layout, pick a task and assign yourself to it. When you complete it, move it to the "completed" column by drag&drop. You can also use the "ready" and "in progress" columns for whatever that may mean to you (for instance, you started, but will come back later to finish).

3 - Get Hacker Points

Once you've completed your task and moved it to the "completed column" you will receive "Hacker Points" which are mostly ephemeral digits much like internet points, reddit gold, or likes. But we do review them at board meetings to see who's active and reward with accolades accordingly.

4 - Make Your Own Tasks

You can also make your own tasks and do them as you see fit or create your own projects. Even assign some to other people and see if they do them. It's a good way to tease/motivate/troll.

More Info

For more general info on KanBoard - use the internets or go here: http://kanboard.net/