Open Sew Event


We recently had a great event based around sewing. People brought their machines, traded tips, and helped each other with sewing projects.

For more pics go here!

For more events like these, join our meetup page!

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RVAsec BADGES 2016 – Our Yearly Offering to the Electronics Deities

RVAsec Badges 2016

Each year a group of brave souls set forth to create an original hardware/software concoction known as B-A-D-G-E-S. This creation, whose first iteration was conceived in the ancient age of 2011, is a pandoras box of curiosities meant to sate the intellegence of RVAsec participants.

The badge features a color screen, multiple inputs and sensors, and boards-from-scratch made in the dark acid-fumed sheet-ensconced labs of hack.rva, Not to mention all the programming that went into the software/firmware.

For more on the badges, see the interview with the project leaders here:

Soldering party Badges yo

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Featured Project – Makerchests


Makerchests is a project by hackrva members and friends to bring making to local schools in bite sized chunks. Each makerchest contains several mini-kits based on a theme. The mini-kits contain individual supplies and instructions to complete a number of related projects. The first makerchest has already debuted at Varina Highschool library and has been quite a success. This chest featured bookbinding kits. The chest also received a test-run with members at hackrva during a meetup so that our members could practice with the kits and give feedback.

To learn more about makerchests go to


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Website Workshop by Reclaim Hosting


Jim Groom from Reclaim Hosting and other parts of the web recently presented a workshop at HackRVA on creating your own digital identity. We talked about what it means to own your own domain, then demonstrated how to create a quick and dirty wordrpess site, what is and how to use c-panel, and some cool tools that can be implemented when you have your own web presence.

We’re thankful to Jim and Reclaim Hosting for putting on this workshop and getting many of us jumpstarted on creating our own online kingdoms!

Join our meetup page for event attendance:

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