Raspberry Pi Workshop


Raspberry Pi is a pocket sized computer for around $30. We learned to load an operating system and write code for using the GPIO.

Here’s a link to the wiki entry for the class, including the slideshow used in the class.


r-piCade – a small arcade custom built at HackRVA using raspberry pi



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Wine & Weld

2015-06-19 18.32.00

On Friday June 19th, and Saturday June 20th, a total of 16 people got together at Hack.RVA in order to learn welding techniques from our instructors.

Attendees got to learn about the differences between Tig, Stick, and Mig welding. They also got the chance to learn and/or practice their skills in grinding, Tig welding, and Stick welding.

Welding was performed using Miller Maxstar 150 S’s.

Special thanks to our instructors Morgan and Joseph! We look forward to doing more of these in the future!

Go here for more photos!

2015-06-20 19.39.14

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Featured Project – Impacts Of Sea Level Rise on Wetlands


This project is brought to you by HackRVA member and VCU scientist Dong Yoon (Daniel) Lee along with his colleagues. The project simulates the effects of saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise on tidal freshwater wetlands using a solar-powered automated saltwater pumping system.

I’ll leave the details of the project to other sources, they’re covered much better at the project facebook page and build list here on the HackRVA wiki. But I do submit this as an example of our open community, shared tools, and space at work.

Daniel started this project with some general concepts, but he was a novice maker when it came to the mechanical and electrical/control systems required to bring his vision to life.

Many space members lent hands and brains to assist in the building of this project over the course of several months; from arduino trouble shooting, to donating spare parts, to advice on pump systems.

See more project pics here with some system breakdown description.

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Monthly Maker Workshop – 3D Printing Basics


HackRVA members Andrew and Chris from RepTechRVA / CarryTheWhat taught this great workshop on 3D printing. Attendant makers learned the ins-n-outs of different machines, material types, and troubleshooting printers.

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