RVA Makerfest – Teaching Richmond to Solder


We’re teaching Richmond to solder at the upcoming RVA Makerfest!

Pictured above is the custom “blinky badge” designed by HackRVA. We’ll be using it to teach makers of all ages the wonderful art of soldering. And they’ll get a sweet blinking “flair” for they’re effort.

The RVA Makerfest is at the Richmond Science Museum on Saturday September 27th, and is free to attend. See you at the event!

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Maker Workshop Series – Arduino Bots


An awesome Arduino Workshop happened for July’s HackRVA Workshop Series!

They night started calm enough, learning some basic Arduino skillz.. but then later, as the learning escalated, they ended up battling it out in a demolition event using the Arduino autonomous RC robot cars they made themselves in the workshop.

Here are some more vids and pics of the event.

Kramer and Beth took our DIY educations efforts to the next level on this one, here’s their lesson plan for those interested.

And thanks to all who attended the workshop. We hope you had a great time making!

For the latest updates on events like our Maker Workshop Series, join the HackRVA Meetup.

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Maker Camp!


Maker Camp is underway at HackRVA!

We’ve already made Makey Robots, Heron’s Fountains, jaunty caps, LED throwies, animals with eyes that light up, making our own games, lots of hot glue, paper craft, sculpting, and lots of smiles.

Three events completed and there are still four to go!

Visit the RVA Maker Guild’s Meetup to participate in RVA Maker Camp events. And learn more about Maker Camp at the RVA Maker Guild website.



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RVA Maker Guild – Sew for SOS Workshop


RVA Maker Guild recently hosted this sweet maker event! People hung out at HAckRVA to sew inspirational pillows and were inspired by the two youth leaders that created this concept.

Learn more:



And, more pics at the HackRVA seesion here.

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Monthly Workshop Series – Electronics 101 Workshop


For June HackRVA held an awesome Electronics 101 Workshop in the Maker Workshop Series.  Our instructor, Eric brought enough demonstrative gear and enthusiasm to keep Richmond lit up for a week!

See more pics here.

And join the HackRVA Meetup for updates, because Eric’s planning on doing more of these!

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CNC Router Crowdfunding Underway


We’re crowdfunding a CNC Router!

Go to the HackRVA IndieGoGo Campaign for all the details.

Thanks everyone, can’t wait to start subtractive manufacturing *things*with our cyberbrains!

sketch chair


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RVAsec Badge Build 2014 WrapUp


The RVAsec Badge 2014 is complete!

RVA Security Conference goers thoroughly enjoyed their badges which you can read about in more technical depth on our wiki here and GitHub here. We made 300 of them over several months of sustained effort.

The “Badge Build” has become the preeminent annual group project at HackRVA offering an array of challenges from circuit board design and manufacture, to coding, to how to work together on a large scale project.

We’re super proud of this creation. We’ve improved on our capabilities each year while simultaneously expanding the scope of the project itself. We’re already looking ahead to next year, so stay tuned for upcoming badge related events.

In the meantime, here’s some photos from our odessey!



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Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

IMAG0238 DSC00629 IMAG0198

Sorry for the mixed metaphors.

Artemis Bridge Build underway. Go to the HackRVA Meetup to join us for gaming teamwork fun Saturday nights!

For hardware details, go to wiki here. Cool pics here.

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Game Development at HackRVA


New Picture

There’s been some game making going on around HackRVA. It’s messy, strange, and most of us don’t really know what we’re doing (except Brandon, pictured in Unreal4 Fugue State(TM) in top pic).

But we’ve been doing it long enough that it’s become a thing. The 2 projects in action right now: A Unity based 2D Beat’em Up and an Unreal4 Asteroid Mining Simulator (there’s a story there, just ask when you come by, if you dare).

If you’re interested in game development, double-check the calender(we take the day off sometimes), then feel free to join us at 5pm on Saturdays. It’s what we do after we’ve exhausted the power tools and before we launch into Artimes.

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HackRVA Wiki Improvement Day

HackRVA Floor Plan.png

We document, therefore we wiki. Or in some cases Git/Instructables/ThingAVerse/ProjectBlog/BuildLog/*things*… but in this case we were all about getting the HackRVA Wiki back up to speed.

We re-located the wiki, added many new needed pages, cleaned out the old stuff, documented equipment, and made a place for member pages.

And perhaps the number one improvement, we made it easier for members to get a log-in. Just create an account from the page and answer a human-question + captcha.

We hope to see the wiki getting more use so members can learn about the equipment, projects, and other (like the killer floor plan above) at the space.

Check it out! Or even better, get an account and add your improvements!

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