Website Workshop by Reclaim Hosting


Jim Groom from Reclaim Hosting and other parts of the web recently presented a workshop at HackRVA on creating your own digital identity. We talked about what it means to own your own domain, then demonstrated how to create a quick and dirty wordrpess site, what is and how to use c-panel, and some cool tools that can be implemented when you have your own web presence.

We’re thankful to Jim and Reclaim Hosting for putting on this workshop and getting many of us jumpstarted on creating our own online kingdoms!

Join our meetup page for event attendance:

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HackRVA Assists in VMFA Teen Stylin’ Program

Shellie and other HackRVA’ers have been working hard to bring some STEAM to the fashion world with the VMFA Teen Stylin’ fashionistas!

This is the laser cutting a nautilus gear brooch we’ve creating for participants in the VMFA Teen Stylin’ program. The gear set is an amalgamation of fashion and engineering meant to give a hands on familiarity in the the use of gears. The student designers will be able to decorate or mod them in unique ways.

More to come on this great pairing.

A link for the Teen Stylin':

A link for the original laser cutting file (we modded it):

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HackRVA Maker Pro – submodular systems


Rob of submodluar systems  sez:

“Over 2 years ago we started an odyssey that has now culminated in our first production release of submodular systems’s shadow 6u eurorack travel case. Much of the original development and conceptualization would not have been possible without the great space and friends at HackRVA. Much thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement. We are off to NAMM in LA and will send feedback.”


We’re often asked if HackRVA can be a resource for entrepreneurs. Well, simple answer, yup.

I would also like to mention that Rob has contributed to building our fablab, taught classes, and provided much maker wisdom at HackRVA. So, as with many of our best experiences in the makersphere, it’s a symbiotic win/win relationship.

Way to go Rob and good luck at NAMM!

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Maker Workshop – Compositing With Adobe Photoshop


We recently held an introduction to Photoshop workshop where we learned to “composite” two animals together. Hence, the kanga-tiger above.

Along with GIFs, cats, and selfies, Photoshopped shenanigans are the foundation of our beloved inter-webs. This workshop taught how to contribute to that ongoing and important foundation effort.

In addition, practical skillz were learned. Blending, color matching, user interface jujitsu. Photoshop is where many many digital design projects begin – so its an import one to have some familiarity with.

Great thanks to Grey for once again teaching a stupendous workshop at HackRVA. That’s three in the last several months – teacher of the year?

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