Monthly Maker Workshop – 3D Printing Basics


HackRVA members Andrew and Chris from RepTechRVA / CarryTheWhat taught this great workshop on 3D printing. Attendant makers learned the ins-n-outs of basic design, uploading file, and how to troubleshoot print jobs.



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Monthly Maker Workshop – Soldering with Arduino Kits


This is isn’t your grandad’s soldering class. These makers not only learned to solder, but they did it by building a complete working Arduino. The Freeduino kit was the perfect intro to soldering projects. Plus its a gateway to Arduino itself. Workshop attendees learned about different types of solder wire, how to apply it, solder suckers, temperature control, and trouble shooting. This was a phenomenal workshop. Keep your eyes open for more workshops like this over at our meetup page.

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RVA Women of Hack

unicornsAreJerks  WoHack

Whether coding, coloring, knitting, or hacking robotic teapots, the RVA Women of Hack are in full swing. Their meetup is full of diverse events for all variety of making interests. Come out and join this dynamic group of makers for fun and learning.

thinkCreateCode  scarf1

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Little Free Library at HackRVA


HackRVA along with RVA Maker Guild created the Little Free Library outside the space. We’re internationally listed here.

Little Free Libraries are a variation on a tried and true concept of “Take a book, leave a book.” Books are free for anyone to take and read. Or you can leave books for others. No strings attached! So come by and take our books. Please, we have so many!

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