One of our members, a VCU Engineering graduate, aided a project in which a local high school incorporated engineering elements, and related technology, in fashions presented in a local show.

Cross stitch can express many things, and this is the expression that fits some moments.

Someone made a pedicab!  I’m guessing the MIG welder was used. (We no longer have welding.)

Paper crafting and LED’s

The Spooklet is a local, annual Halloween-themed ‘zine, and its staff worked on this edition at our space.

One thing Charli makes ... looks like coral on rocks.

The 3Doodler pen, that heats straws of plastic feed, is pictured above  a rock inside what always looks like coral, to me, if coral rolled around on the sea floor.  I think these are beautiful, and I don’t recall anything like them.

Nautilus fidget toy made with the laser cutter.

Doctor Who Christmas Special for a friend

Created as a Christmas gift, this Doctor Who Christmas Special features characters from a comic strip, Pizza from Scratch, that began at the VCU student newspaper.  They are dressed as various characters from Doctor Who, going back 55 years.

or this one

Press Record goes for a run.