RVA RN’s Dance In Style Thanks to HackRVA


Dustin and a few others helped make these cool shirts for the RVA RNs using our new screen printing abilities. The RVA RNs (Registered Nurses) are wearing them for today’s Dance-A-Thon “Dance For a Cause” event. That’s right, DANCEATHON -> 12 hours of dancing. Sounds awesome right!

Btw, we’ve been making HackRVA shirts too, so if you want one, just bring a blank shirt during an open house and we’ll print one.

IMAG0183 IMAG0115


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Solder 101 – Maker Workshop Series at HackRVA

We recently held a workshop on learning to solder. We had 12 makerspace enthusiasts attend.  Some were getting a refresher and others were new to the art of connecting wire with hot metal. We had a great time!

We assembled the kit pictured above.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and definitely got a solid intro experience to this key maker skill, but the end-result of the kits were a little anti-climatic on features, so we’ll be looking for a more expansive kit next go around.

If you’re interested in future classes in the maker workshop series at HackRVA, just follow us on Meetup. We’re going to be doing CAD, wearables, and basic electronics in the near future.

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NoVa Mini Maker Faire

We had a great time at the NoVa Mini Maker Faire!  There was plenty to see and do with over 100 makers featuring a wide variety of exhibits.  Nearly 4,000 people attended and the venue was packed wall to wall.

Our table was busy during the entire event (and even after the event ended!) spreading the mission of our makerspace and showcasing a few projects we’ve created.

Enthusiasm for science, technology and making is really taking off!  If you’re looking for more events, check out the Mini Maker Faire in Greenbelt, MD, the USA Science Festival, and TEDxRVA.

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RVAsec Badge Build 2014 Begins

2013 RVAsec Badges

The badge build for the RVAsec Richmond Security conference is underway. This will be the third year HackRVA has created badges for the conference.

For a really nice preview about the badges, check out this QandA with HackRVA member Morgan Stuart on the RVAsec blog.

We did some group soldering of speakers in a recent preliminary session. More opportunities for HackRVA members to contribute, build, and solder will be coming soon as plans materialize. Watch the calender and mailing list.

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WRIR Birthday Party


We spread the word about 3D printing, maker technology, and makerspaces at the recent WRIR Birthday “Party for the Rest of Us. Rob presented his “Beagle Brick” project and we had an arduino project to share as well. Independent radio enthusiasts really enjoyed the spectacle of 3D printing as well as talking about all things hackerdom. We saw a lot of great acts and some wowed faces that came by our table. Thanks for the food and festivities WRIR! Go Richmond and Independent Radio!

For more pics, go here. And btw, those aren’t just cat ears, they read brain waves  : ) .

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BARC Jeep Wins Instructables Contest

Neal’s BARC Jeep won a second prize in the recent Instructables Microcontroller Contest. Neal is a HackRVA member and built much of his project at the space.

He had some helping hands such as Fred troubleshooting software problems and others helping with fab. Dustin shot the video and I got to help write up the project for Instructables. Projects have a way of coming together at the space with multiple brains and hands.

The modded power wheels jeep is driven remotely from an xbox controller. Check out the complete build on Instructable here.

Way to go on your win Neal! Enjoy that new tablet!

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Maker Guild


One of our members, Catherine, is having Maker Guild meetings at the space.  Today we taught 8 kids (and some parents) how to solder. We made these cool Make badges with LED eyes. Kids were happy and proud! You can’t see it in the picture, but the eyes cycle through a rainbow of colors, but not in sync. We are happy to support the group. They will be the next generation of makers and hackers.

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Hampton Roads Maker Faire

better maker faire logo 3

HackRVA presented at the 2013 Hampton Roads Maker Faire. Didn’t have time to take many pics, but will upload some as they become available from the HR Maker Faire Facebook.
Here’s a link to some good pictures.
Here’s a link to a video of the event.

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Halloween Hackathon 2013

halloween hackathon throwies2-1

Halloween Hackathon 2013 at HackRVA. We made LED Throwie Ghost Boxes and Haunted Houses, 3D printed decorations, paper masks, and played some classic scary movies.

For more pics and links, link here to our project blog.

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Spooklet Zine Assembly Hangout

A fun evening had by all at HackRVA assembling the 3rd edition of The Spooklet Zine, a Halloween-themed literary arts publication, which will be featured at the RVA ZineFest in October. In addition to cutting and assembling the zines, we also made special edition copies of The Spooklet with paper circuits and light-up covers. See The Spooklet Facebook page for more details about this spooktacular read.


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