Become a Member!

Begin your odyssey of making and learning with friends!

Here’s how:

There are three levels of participation at HackRVA.


– Access to lectures, classes, and meetups


– 24/7 access with key and use of tools


– Just like a member but with bonus perks

Everyone must sign a liability waiver except Attendees visiting for classroom-only events.

How do I become an Attendee?

Become an Attendee by coming to an event. Attendees will be shown the grounds and are welcome to join in on the fun. Thursday night Open House occurs on the First Thursday of every month and there’s always someone there to initiate new members. This is the best time if in doubt.

How do I become a Member?

Come to an event and get to know some people. Once everyone’s been introduced and you feel that you want to join, just let someone know and we’ll get you signed up.

You’ll be asked to sign a waiver and be given a new member packet. Dues are $30 per month and are paid on a recurring cycle with a debit or credit card.

How do I become a MemberPlus?

This is for those that want to contribute at a higher level. It is essentially the same as being a regular Member but with a few added perks such as added storage for projects and special consideration for facilities use. Become a MemberPlus for $50 per month.

Please feel free to send questions to our general mailing list or to the email provided in the contact us section.

Many of our larger events are scheduled through, but you can check our calender on this site for general space activity.



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