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Welcome errant traveler....

Role at HackRVA

I am currently the Director of Communications and Planning. I also do the workshop planning for now until we find an education director. I was the president at hackrva from 2013-2015 until we went to a director model. If you ever neead assistance around hackrva, I can probably help - or point to someone that can.

I write blog posts, update the website & wiki, upload pictures, and such. If you want to work on that stuff, PLZ contact me - always need more, and its one of those jobs few want to do but is important!

Projects of Note


These are workshops I have taught or co-taught. CAD Dojo is the ongoing one I do the most.


These are some of the more notable maker related events I've been involved in. So dang many events....

  • VMFA TeenStylin'(kit builder and in-class assistant)
  • C3's Talk20 (gave talk about HackRVA)
  • AltFest (HackRVA - table jockey)
  • RVA Makerfest 2015 (organizer & solder instructor)
  • RVA Makerfest 2014 (organizer & solder instructor)
  • Hampton Roads Maker Faire 2014 (HackRVA - table jockey)
  • Hampton Roads Maker Faire 2013 (FredHack - table jockey)
  • NYC Maker Faire 2012 (FredHack - table jockey)
  • Motorama Combat Robots 2012 (judge)
  • San Francisco Combat Robots World Championships 2008 (pit-crew)

Articles / Around the Web

These are articles I've written and some other maker related webby stuff.


These are crowdfunds I've been involved in.



  • AutoCAD
  • CamBam (cnc software)
  • CNC Router
  • Laser Cutting
  • Grinding and Cutting Metal
  • Blogging
  • Documentation
  • General Writing
  • Organizing Stuff
  • Almost Finishing Projects


  • Soldering
  • General Power Tools
  • Basic Wood Working
  • Welding
  • Blacksmithing
  • Wordpress
  • Arduino
  • Robot Stuff
  • Crowdfunding
  • Internet Marketing


  • R-pi
  • Unity (game development)
  • Linux
  • General Coding
  • Electronics
  • PodCast Stuff
  • Car Stuff