Kramers tricopter step by step

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Kramer's Documentation - hopefully a little easier to understand

  • Legs
    • sanded Legs
    • Assemble Motors
      • attach the bottom braket
      • get counter sink side correct
    • Attach 2 non*servo motors to legs
      • opposite side of screw holes
      • align wires with opening
      • use small cutout to enclose wires within leg slot
        • could glue
      • zip tie in place
Kramers Tricopter Photo1.jpg
      • Zip tie and connect speed control
      • will need to determine direction after build by running the motor and noting direction so don't make permanent
Kramer's Tricoper Photo2.jpg
    • drill and file 3D printed gimble mount
      • use a screw and glue the end to make gimble pivot
Kramer's Tricopter Photo3.jpg
      • use super glue
    • screw motor on 3D printed mount
      • may need to drill to fit
      • align wires away from base end
Kramers Tricopter Photo4.jpg
    • Attach servo
      • use drill to reverse counter sink screw hole to get a flush connection
      • cut two edges of servo star to fit
      • ensure full range of motion and attach star to servo
      • superglue to gimble
Kramers Tricopter Photo5.jpg
    • Attach gimble and servo to leg
      • Found out I made a mistake in how the wires were aligned with cutout on leg
        • inscrewed and screwed
      • use zip ties
      • used super glue for spacer after zip tie
Kramers Tricopter Photo6.jpg
    • zip tie and connect speed controller
  • Put the screws in a center piece and attach legs putting the gimbled leg in the center
    • use shorter 1 1/4 inch screw on inside for gimbled leg
    • attach so that the motors face down and the wires are accesable
Kramers Tricopter Photo7.jpg
  • connect wires together in middle using solder and speaker wire
    • pigtail all negative and positive from the speed controllers
      • cut and strip black and red wires
      • cut and strip speaker wire
      • cut shrink wrap and solder wire red to red black to black
Kramers Tricopter Photo8.jpg
      • lighter for shrink wrap
      • combine all neg and wire to neg for final wire
      • do the same for pos
      • don't forget skrink wrap(large)
    • Extend all control wires
    • only the white wire from the two legs without the gimble
    • all three from the gimble
    • leave about 4 inches past the hole through the center section to the top
    • takes a while; don't forget the shrink wrap
    • attach the top plate
    • I messed up the side I soldered the large wires and had to flip the legs to make the bottom plate the top
Kramer's Tricopter Photo11.jpg
    • as you can see here, I ran both sets of wires out of the battery side. This is wrong. The control wires go out the top.
Kramers Tricopter Photo10.jpg
  • Bottom plate -
    • attach velcro to battery and bottom plate
    • finish the battery velcro attachments
  • use 2ish inches screws to attach plates
  • apply foam to top plate where you will place flight comp
    • use super glue to attach comp
    • mini usb facing plate cutout
    • attach rough piece of velcro for transmitter
  • hook up connections
  • Download clean flight and get ready to test