Python Class Recap

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Come learn about python this Saturday

The first Python class is over! Thanks to all who attended!

At the class we tinkered with Tkinter and slung SQL commands with SQLite. Next time there may be some GTK programming tossed in, or possibly a bazaar breakout for those that have never tried version control.

Now it’s your turn! I’m placing a call to all Python programmers in HackRVA to share some code with the rest of the group. You can do this via the mailing list. Naturally I ask that you please refrain from posting anything that will get you fired. I’d like to see what sort of applications everyone likes to work on.

I’ll start, I have a CRUD application on Launchpad that has some sort of neat stuff in it. I’ve started automated testing of the interface via D-Bus and there’s some SQLAlchemy in there for folks who have never worked with object-relational-mappers to look at. You can browse the code at

Have fun programming folks! Also, you don’t necessarily need to post code. You can describe what workflow you prefer, suggest IDEs that we may never have heard of and inform us of interesting libraries and design patterns. Grow, build and communicate!