Robot Pong for Redbull Creation Challange

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Check out this video! Robot pong!

For the RedBull Creation competition, we decided to reinvent the game that legitimized the video gaming industry, Pong, taking it out of the digital space and into a robotic system.

To play, users enter their account using RFID tags or enter as a guest. Their accounts keep track of all game play and scoring.

When a score of ten is reached, the winner is announced and a rematch is offered.

To accomplish this we created a play space that detects when points are scored using laser diodes, built the paddle system, designed a ball return system and developed a network that kept score.

So to recap, we've built a robotic pong system that incorporates laser-diode ball sensers, servo-powered pong paddles, a vacuum-powered ball return system and an arduino-powered login and score keeping network.

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