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What is with this penguin thing, anyways?

What is Linux? How can it help me? What do you mean I’ve been using Linux for years?

The truth is that Linux is everywhere, and it’s awesome. In this class we’ll go over:

  • Open Source Principles – Why the Linux Community does things the way it does
  • Basic Installation (including a Fedora LiveCD to try on your own laptop)
  • Usage and “Open Source Equivalent Programs”
  • The Bash Shell – in a nutshell
  • Simple Scripting
  • Simple System Resources
  • How do I? (Q&A)

After you register for class, and before the class starts, you’ll be sent a link to a class syllabus. Please print that out and/or have a digital copy with you. You will also have much more time if you bring a laptop to run the LiveCD on, but it is not 100% required.
We will have 2 hours of class, and a 45 minute lunch. Lunch is available at the Dairy Bar restaurant next door or at other local eateries.
You will receive plenty of Linux swag and prizes along with the newfound ability to not have to pay for inferior software!

Instructor – Jamie Duncan, Red Hat Certified Engineer

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