Featured Project – Hacker Lights

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Presenting Hacker Lights!

An LED lighting system for drones and other fun applications.

The problem Andy solved when creating Hacker Lights is there wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution for creating dazzling displays on drones in the multitude of physical configurations in which said drones exist.

In other words, Hacker Lights lets us make our drones look awesome in the air. Andy developed hardware and software solutions for just that. Check out his website, the great videos above and below (including a tutorial at the bottom) to learn more.

If you’d like to see Hacker Lights in full glory, he and other HackRVA’ers are building an exhibition for the InLight festival which you can see at the space during that event (go here for more InLight details).

Andy has been an active member at HackRVA for several years helping others with projects and contributing to the makerspace in general to make the place awesome. Last year he developed and produced an entire drone Tricopter kit for HackRVA as well as doing a workshop series where we built them. Go here for details on the Tricopter build (and if you want to get one of the kits, just let us know).

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