Caster Car Madness!!!

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Hear that whirring buzz in the distance? Is it a swarm of cybernetic bees, a fleet of drones, or a group of futuristic swamp boats retro fitted to operate on land?


It’s Caster Car MADNESSssSSSSSS!!!!!

(Which may be a weird amalgamation of all of those things.)

What is a caster car?

Caster Cars were invented by HackRVA Member and resident expert on multi-rotor vehicles Andy Fabian.

A Caster Car is a land vehicle built out of multi-rotor (drone) parts and casters for wheels.

Several HackRVA members have built their own caster cars.  We even have a slack channel dedicate to support members who are working on their own build.


Be sure to ask about caster cars the next time your visit HackRVA.


in progress caster car rebuild: