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After a long wait, we are open again on May 29, 2020. We have to rethink how we want to operate. The social aspect is limited to video, but we have had multiple video meetings, and they have gone well. We are thinking of adding a tool lending library. We have sign-up sheets online so members can lock in a period of time before coming.

We lost a few members but we are not in danger, and some of them will probably rejoin. We know money is tight for some people, and paying for a closed shop is not an option. Now we have to learn to work alone. Training will have to be one-on-one.

We need to do video workshops. This works better for the kind of topics that were common at hack.RVA in the early days: computer topics like LINUX, coding, web development, and database design. Photography and video editing, and audio editing would be easy.

I know other makerspaces around the world are also struggling with this new world, and we will watch them for ideas.